Residential Services

EastSide Plumbing provides all types of residential services–going way beyond the usual plumbing solutions, and they offer extended hours for the many emergency projects that arise.

Commercial Services

Not only does EastSide Plumbing service residences throughout the Valley, but they also serve commercial properties such as apartment buildings and business offices.

“EastSide Plumbing is known for our quick response times for busy property managers,” says Mingle, “so we get all kinds of emergency calls at all hours–from burst pipes to broken water heaters to hot tub malfunctions.

One of EastSide Plumbing’s specialties for both residential and commercial customers is the replacing of polybutylene pipes.

Many homes built between January 1, 1978 and July 31, 1995 contain these pipes, which have shown an unusually high rate of failure under normal operating conditions. Deterioration linked to chlorine water additives has been linked to the failures, but even customers on private water supplies have reported many problems. EastSide Plumbing can verify leaks due to polybutylene piping, replace the pipes with hardier materials, and help customers access any legal aid they may be entitled to through the recent class action lawsuit against the product